Video shows police using taser on dog in Michigan, but was it justified?

Posted at 6:45 PM, Mar 12, 2017

A police department in Michigan is facing questions from the public following a dog capture that was caught on camera.

A pair of police officers from the Roseville Police Department appear on camera attempting to capture a dog that had been running through the streets.

You can hear a taser being used repeatedly up until the dog is placed inside of a Roseville Police Department cruiser.

The woman who took the video, who does not own the dog, wasn’t against the initial use of force to get the dog under control; however, she was upset because after the dog was hooked on a pole, they continued to tase the dog over, and over again.

“I was shocked, I was outraged,” said the woman, who didn’t want to use her name. “I took my dogs out for a walk and never expected this is what I’d see.”

According to the Roseville Chief of Police, the video is being reviewed and an investigation will be launched. He noted that he had watched the video, but would not be commenting further at this time.

“They had to stop the dog somehow,” said the woman who declined to be identified. “I understand that, but to continue to taser him after hew as on the catch poll was just unnecessary.”

The woman told Detroit-based WXYZ she published the video to bring the issue to light. She said that she’s not anti-police, and that what she wants more than anything is to be assured that police will receive more training with equipment used in animal captures.

The video was initially published on Sunday afternoon, and within two hours had been viewed more than 25,000 times. It continues to be shared by the thousands at last check.