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Video appears to show Wisconsin students gambling, smoking weed in school

Posted at 7:07 PM, Dec 19, 2017

Three videos showing students at Vincent High School in Milwaukee in the hallway have been getting lots of attention online.

It shows a student lighting up what appears to be marijuana in a hallway and just steps away, it looks like students are playing a game with dice and money in their hands.

The sign right above them reads "Be respectful."

The videos have also been getting lots of attention on the airwaves too. Milwaukee DJ and activist Homer Blow says he's been getting lots of phone calls about this Tuesday with people expressing outrage.

"We should not end up trying to excuse these children's behaviors because it's unacceptable,” Blow said. "We cannot try to make these kids think that it was ok for them to do that."

A Milwaukee Public Schools spokesperson said they're aware of the video and they're investigating to determine what the students were actually doing.

Once they figure that out, they say disciplinary action will be taken.

A student said she believes these videos were shot Monday, adding students were taking final exams.  Each video is about 10 seconds or less.  But Blow still wonders how it happened.

"To see no safety aides, to see no teachers it really made you where is this,” he said. "Something has to change and we're the people that are going to be able to make that change."