Video: Ohio street is so pothole ridden that people drive on sidewalk

Posted at 6:38 AM, Jun 21, 2017

Drivers in a Cleveland suburb feel safer taking their cars onto the sidewalk than braving a pothole-covered road.

"I actually feel like nobody cares,” said Tamara Ensley, who lives in the city of East Cleveland, Ohio.

She walks by Terrace Road all the time. The giant holes have created holes in the will of East Cleveland residents. "I think we, as a community, just start to learn to live with it and we just kind of gave up,” said Ensley.

The road is a test of a driver's skills and a driver's patience.

"It's like a maze trying to get through it,” said driver Shawn Jones. “It already broke down two cars already that I saw."

Sometimes drivers go outside the lines of that maze. As we were talking to East Cleveland resident Noble Thomas, our photographer caught a man driving on the sidewalk. It was on the very spot where Thomas would have been if he had not stopped to talk with us. "You just had it there!” said Thomas. “People drive on the sidewalk just to avoid all the holes!”

We’ve been tracking what is the worst road we’ve seen for the past 3 years. Every year, it’s getting worse and worse. "They could take the time to fix the street,” said Thomas.

With that in mind, we took these concerns, once again, to East Cleveland's City Hall.

We got on the phone just outside of the mayor’s office. "For the past few years, it's remained in terrible condition. So, we were hoping we could get some comments from the mayor," we told the secretary. She said the mayor wasn't in and she took our message.

Ensley had her own message. "If anybody can come out and help or take a look like you guys are…we would be very appreciative of that,” she told us.

Days after our request, we have yet to hear back from the mayor of East Cleveland about why Terrace Road remains in such bad shape.