College student kidnapped, beaten on Tinder date

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A 20-year-old University of Kansas student was kidnapped after a Tinder date turned violent. 

Shane Allen, 30, picked up the student at her sorority house on April 12. According to court documents, the pair had spent one night together prior to the incident. 

Allen held the young woman hostage for six days in his trailer. He abused her, severely bruising much of her body and breaking blood vessels in both of her eyes, according to the court documents. 

Students on campus were surprised to hear about the report. 

"It [Tinder] is very popular, a lot of people use it, especially on campus because that's how you meet people and see what's going around," said freshman Allison Moore. 

Moore met a guy on the app and has had several safe experiences.

"He actually goes to school in Texas and this spring break I actually flew down to see him and I had never met him before," Moore explained. 

Junior Kike Lomoojo said she is apprehensive to use Tinder. 

"I would say I am shocked but I am honestly not. Just because Tinder is not a place where you know where the person is living or what they are into," Lomoojo said.

"I think people forget about stranger danger and you feel like you know someone because you talk to them on Tinder, but they are still a stranger," said student Beverly Umeh.

Allen is facing five felony charges. He's currently being held in the Douglas County Jail and is expected in court on Wednesday. 

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