Today's best April Fools' Day prank videos

Posted at 12:44 PM, Apr 01, 2016

Thanks to the Internet, April Fools' Day pranks are now able to fool millions of people at a time. International companies now make it a priority to construct elaborate, straight-faced pranks every April 1.

See a dozen of 2016's best April Fools' Day prank videos below.

OpenTable introduces lickable food photos

Netflix announces original documentary on the life of John Stamos

New smartphone app promises to hide embarrassing bathroom noises

T-Mobile unveils a new way to binge watch

Esurance offers Election Insurance for Americans who want to flee the country

MLB player Garret Richards gets pranked by his teammates with an awkward public proposal

NBA player Festus Ezeli is pranked into thinking he was cut from the Golden State Warriors

Google Express invests in parachute technology to deliver packages

Google Cardboard Plastic brings virtual reality to life

YouTube partners with Snoop Dogg for innovative new viewing experience

Florida State University and the University of Florida announce a merger

Waterpik introduces a Shower Belt to help users of its powerful shower heads

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