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This customer review website is working to make people more accepting

Inclusive Guide
Posted at 1:56 PM, Jan 06, 2022

The social reckoning that our country is going through is now becoming quantifiable.

Inclusive Guide is a new customer review website that ranks businesses not just on their service, but their welcoming nature to diverse cultures.

Think Yelp, but for inclusion.

“One of the things a lot of folks don’t realize is just how constant this is, how prevalent discrimination is, and it doesn’t have to be overt,” said Crystal Egli, CEO of Inclusive Guide.

“We want it to because a force to shift our economy toward inclusion,” added Parker McMullen Bushman, COO.

Prior to joining forces, Egli and McMullen both worked in the world of the great outdoors, but they drew from their collective experiences as Black women to start Inclusive Guide two years ago. They say getting investors were hard, but over time they were able to fundraise enough money to launch a beta version of their website last month.

It currently only operates in Colorado as it works out kinks, but the duo aspires to expand Inclusive Guide nationwide so restaurants and businesses from coast to coast can be reviewed.

“An example would be Black hair care products. When I walk in are they displayed right along with the other hair care products or are they in a corner, or locked away, like they often are,” said McMullan Bushman. “If we have a way for people to be able to really see what businesses are inclusive and to go and support those businesses then maybe other businesses will see there is an economic incentive to inclusion.”