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Things you should never refrigerate

Posted at 11:11 AM, Oct 22, 2014

These days, you just can't be too safe when it comes to your health, your online security, your banking, and your food.

So more and more of us are putting more and more food items in the refrigerator, just to be safe. But it's not always a good idea.

When refrigeration can hurt

With so many illnesses in the news, it seems like a little extra refrigeration can't hurt. But a new report says in some cases it can.

The report by consumer blogger Christopher Snow says you can ruin many vegetables by refrigerating them.

Among them:

  • Potatoes: Cold makes them starchy.
  • Onions: cold makes them rot.
  • Tomatoes: They get hard when cold.
  • Bananas: They turn brown faster when cold.
  • Any unripened fruit:  It will rot before it ripens in the dark fridge.

Peaches and plums should be kept at room temperature until they are fully ripe.  Once ripe, refrigeration could preserve them a few more days.

When refrigeration makes things stale

From the "doesn't that stink" file: Items that get stale faster in the refrigerator. They include...

  • Bread
  • Rolls and muffins
  • Pastries

Ice cold, stale muffin for breakfast?  Doesn't that stink?

Which leads to perhaps the worst food to refrigerate: Honey. It crystallizes if cold.

But it's a natural preservative, so it can last for years in your cupboard.

Bottom line: If it turns brown, cloudy, or just icky after refrigeration, ask around: You may be chilling something that doesn't need chilling.

So chill out and don't waste your money.

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