STUDY: When are you too old to shop at IKEA?

Posted at 4:54 AM, Jan 12, 2017

At what age do you outgrow the ready-to-assemble, furniture in a box, trendy home furnishings that you can find at your local IKEA warehouse? The blog, just recently conducted a study to find out when most people move on to more "grown-up" furniture styles and brands. 

The study found that the peak age for IKEA customers is 24-years-old. IKEA is very popular throughout the late 20s and early 30s but that love for the build-yourself furniture drops off after the age of 34. 

So where do customers go after they've "out-grown" the big yellow and blue warehouse? According to the study, people are more likely to shop at LOWE'S as they get older, because let's be honest, who wants to argue with their significant other over what peg goes where or who had the allen wrench last? All joking aside, it makes sense, as you grown older, you're more likely to own a home and work on more home improvement projects, so LOWE's and Home Depot are the obvious choices. 

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The oldest customers in the study preferred to do it themselves and when buying ready-to-use furniture, they visited retailers like Ashley Furniture and Rooms To Go. 

The study listed who shops the most at IKEA by state and Oregon topped the list with 47.5%. Florida came in at number 17 with 24.2%. Utah and Kansas rounded out the top three with 41.3% and 38.9%. In that study, at least 10 respondents were questioned for each state. 

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