Stop Trump effort stopped on RNC floor

Posted at 4:36 PM, Jul 18, 2016

"This is surreal." That is what Sen. Mike Lee told reporters on the floor of the Republican National Convention Monday afternoon as anti-Donald Trump forces tried to force a roll call vote in the hopes of derailing Trump's party nomination. 

Lee, a supporter of Ted Cruz, was among a group of Republicans trying to stop Trump's nomination. 

Anti-Trump Republicans tried to stop Trump's nomination by forcing a roll call vote by delegates, allowing delegates to be unbound. The RNC's Rules Committee agreed last week not to unbound delegates to vote their conscious. 

Republican leaders shut down appeals from those wanting a roll call vote after a redo. As the voice vote took place, delegates for and against Trump yelled and screamed.

A delegate from Washington told a reporter from our Scripps affiliate WEWS-TV that he believed the vote was rigged, claiming the voice vote should have gone with the nays rather than the yeas.