Severe weather threat continues after tornadoes sweep Midwest

Posted at 4:37 PM, Jun 29, 2017

Parts of the Midwest are bracing for even more severe weather on Thursday after severe storms spawned at least 26 tornadoes Wednesday, injuring two people.

Mason Grant didn't expect to be this close to a tornado when he pulled out his phone and recorded it just outside Central City, Iowa. Becky Juhl didn't either when she started recording in Bedford, Iowa.

"We look out the window and we could see a barn that was about a half mile south of the house," Juhl says. "And first the roof came off and then the whole thing was taken off."

Another massive tornado touched down in another part of Iowa, dissipating after 10 minutes on the ground.  The tornadoes were just several of more than two dozen in the Midwest spawned by a powerful storm system as it moved east. 

In Wisconsin the damage left behind was clear to see from the sky. The ground provided an even closer view. The storm destroyed at least two barns and knocked down trees and power lines. One man was hurt when one of the barns partially collapsed on him. And winds were strong enough to force one man's Ford F-150 out his garage, toppling it onto his front yard. Friends and neighbors were out helping people clean up debris.

"We got down here and made sure the dog was okay and we're good," says one Wisconsin family.

While the family's dog was okay their home wasn't.

"This was the garage," the man says. "My truck was sitting outside and yeah it hooked onto the house. The house had a little bit of damage, windows are out but there's some water damage inside and there's a lot of windows two windows blown out." 

And it wasn't just tornadoes. In Illinois, flooding made it hard for people to drive.

Even more severe weather is expected in the next few days. Everything from thunderstorms to large hail and strong wind.