Security guard fatally shoots man playing Pokemon Go, claims attorney

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 11:31:47-05

Jiansheng Chen, 60, was killed last week in Virginia by a security guard while playing Pokemon Go, Chen's family attorney claims. 

According to WTKR-TV, attorney Greg Sandler said the incident was due in part to a language barrier. 

“I cannot imagine what could have justified shooting through the front windshield of Mr. Chen’s van five times,” Sandler told WTKR. 

The incident took place last Thursday in Chesapeake, Virginia and involved a security guard for the River Walk Community Association. Police told WTKR that while the man was gaming, he was approached by the security guard and was shot after a confrontation. 

Chen's family claims that the man only knew basic English words. 

“His family is a homeowner in the area,” Sandler told the station. “Ironically, he is one of the people security is supposed to be protecting as a homeowner.”

The community association said in a statement it hires unarmed security guards, but was unaware why the guard was allegedly armed. 

Police have not pressed charges and have not identified the security guard involved in last week's shooting.