'Scene selfies' now a thing at Las Vegas mass shooting site

Posted at 9:37 PM, Oct 05, 2017

Hour after hour, there is an endless stream of people flowing to the median memorial that has formed just feet from the scene of Sunday’s tragedy in Las Vegas.

Visitors from around the world are leaving flowers, candles and balloons to show Sin City solidarity.

"It is so sad, so sad,” said Gerry Kaye, who was visiting with his wife from Thailand.

Sunday’s shooting claimed 58 lives and left hundreds more wounded. The tears shed at the makeshift median memorial transcend cultures, races and ages. Pain is the universal language after this tragedy.

"It's absolutely amazing, and warranted,” added Kaye. “It's been on everybody's mind. We've been thinking about this for three or four days ago now,” said Kaye.

Prayer circles formed at the site, no matter the faith. 

In this technology-driven era, cameras, cell phones, and tablets of all shapes and sizes document the sadness. They are snapshots of history for some, but for others, a chance to showcase they were front and center for a scene selfie.

“We saw you taking some selfies over there. What was the purpose of the selfies?” we asked one woman.

“Just a memory,” said the woman who would not reveal her name.

Reporter: "How important is it to show the people who lost their lives and who were injured, respect and dignity?

Woman: "How important for me?"

Reporter: "For anybody to come by and pay their respects, and show respect for the folks who died."

Woman: "It's very important, like for example if I lost somebody, the memories are important that people kind of care about it and stop by here and remember it and pray."

The selfie-takers were the extreme minority in the 4 hours we spent at the site. The vast majority of visitors came by to witness history and to pay their respects.