Sabrett hot dogs recalled over pieces of bone

Sabrett hot dogs recalled over pieces of bone
Posted at 12:30 PM, Jul 15, 2017

Millions of pounds of Sabrett hot dogs and sausages -- as well as similar foods sold under other popular brand names -- have been recalled after customers reported small pieces of bone and cartilage in some of the foods, the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service said Saturday.

One person reported a minor mouth injury after eating one of the foods, the FSIS said.

The brands' parent company, New-York based Marathon Enterprises Inc., is recalling more than 7.1 million pounds of beef and pork hot dogs, sausages and salami.

Sabrett said the recall started "after customers reported small pieces of bone and cartilage being found in these products."

"At that time, staff immediately investigated and identified an issue that could have allowed this to occur, and an equipment installation issue was quickly addressed," Sabrett said in a message posted on its website.

The recall covers products with use-by or sell-by dates between June 19 and October 6.

It covers some hot dogs and sausages sold at retail outlets under the following brands:

-- Sabrett

-- Papaya King

-- 1906 Premium

-- Western Beef

-- Stew Leonard's

The Marathon Enterprises recall also covers hot dogs and salami sold to restaurants and other food services under the Sabrett, Nathan's Private Label and Katz's Delicatessen labels.

A full list of recalled foods is on the FSIS website.

"Sabrett deeply regrets any concern or inconvenience this has caused its loyal customers," the company said. "Sabrett is working closely with USDA to effectively communicate to its customers with regards to this recall and to assure those customers that the recalled products are no longer in stores."

People with questions about the recall can call Sabrett at 1-800-722-7388 on weekdays, the company said.

Sabrett says its products are sold at retail chains in 21 states and Washington, DC, with an especially strong presence in the Northeast.

The Sabrett brand will be familiar to people living in or visiting Manhattan, where street-corner vendors sell hot dogs under blue and yellow striped Sabrett umbrellas.

Sabrett says its hot dogs are sold at many arenas, concert venues and convention centers across the country, including New York's Madison Square Garden.