RNC launches campaign to oppose SCOTUS pick

RNC launches campaign to oppose SCOTUS pick
Posted at 6:25 AM, Mar 14, 2016

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican National Committee is launching an ad, research and public relations campaign to derail President Barack Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court.

The RNC says it's forming a task force to advocate against any candidate Obama picks. The party is teaming up with Republican opposition research group American Rising Squared.

Obama is expected to announce his nominee as early as this week.

The RNC has already been looking into candidates on Obama's short-list and will oppose him or her with radio and digital ads, petitions and research documents. The committee says it's building a list of "surrogates" who will make the case in the media.

The party is also naming Democrats it will target including Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senate candidates including Colorado's Michael Bennet and Ohio's Ted Strickland.