Michigan realtor accused of having sex in client homes agrees to one month suspension

Posted at 10:21 PM, Feb 23, 2017

A prominent realtor in Michigan's posh Grosse Pointes neighborhood has been caught in a disturbing breach of ethics. He's accused of having sex with a married woman in several homes he had listed for sale.

A complaint was filed with the state against him by the woman's jilted husband who now believes the realtor got a sweetheart deal that has just been made final.

His name is on the business. His name and reputation are the business. His name is also in the state investigation that stated Scott Adlhoch’s conduct demonstrated: “fraud, deceit, dishonesty and a lack of good moral character.”

How did he get here? Taking the low road through the high class homes he listed. Not one, but six homes he listed for sale for clients.

The formal complaint from the Michigan Attorney General documented almost two full years of using his clients’ homes for, “sexual acts without the permission or knowledge of his homeowners.”

Cynthia Griffin took us through the house she and her husband bought through Adlhoch. 

In a second floor bedroom, there was carpet she has since removed that was in the house with mysterious stains. 

The woman who met up with the risqué realtor verified to Detroit-based WXYZ that the stains were from their love making. 

“It is thoroughly disgusting. I’m appalled, absolutely appalled,” Griffin told WXYZ.

Linda Brady and her husband had moved their furniture out of the house and says Adlhoch told her the stains were foot traffic from people looking at the home.

She told WXYZ she would not have sold it that way.  “Oh, for—no! I would have fired him.”

Brady also says she believes Adlhoch priced it high to keep it on the market longer and available to him. And he kept the heat up, she believes to keep it warm and cozy.

“I said I don’t know who turned up the heat, but I’m not paying the bill.  And he said not a problem and sent me a check immediately,” Brady told Kiertzner.

The complaint was filed a year ago by jilted husband, Rob Ermanni.  He and his now ex-wife went to Lansing to see how the case would be decided. They were given no input into the process.

A nine member Michigan Board of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons approved a stipulated agreement for a one-month suspension.  But no one would discuss the terms, including Karen Greenwood the board member who negotiated the deal with Adlhoch. 

Aline Ermanni is the woman who had the affair with Adlhoch in the six Grosse Pointe homes. 

She and Rob Ermanni are divorced. She acknowledged to Kiertzner she chose to meet Adlhoch, “I did. I did. After a lot of coaxing, his way, drawing me in, of painting my ex-husband as being a horrible person that I should be divorcing.”

Rob Ermanni told Kiertzner, “Obviously he should have gotten more. But I’m happy this is over. Happy the state found him guilty.”

Linda Davis says, “I guess a month isn’t very long, when you think about the lives that are affected and will continue to be affected. Its his wife and children who have the emotional connection. That’s who I feel sorry for.”

Adlhoch would not talk to us. His attorney gave us the following statement:

The Adlhoch business interests, valuable time of its principals and potential for negative publicity on a personal matter warrant that a settlement is reached to bring final resolution to this ordeal. It is a business decision to settle this matter at this time rather than to drag this out for months or potentially years while hostile parties attempt to offer various sides of this story. Allegations related to this matter have been dismissed with prejudice by courts of law in the State of Michigan. It's simply time to move on with our business interests and personal life. We are not going to comment further on these allegations. 

WXYZ reporters are awaiting more documents from the state, including the full stipulated settlement. Once those are obtained we will have future reports.