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Radio Recliner: Pirate radio station helps seniors deal with isolation, loneliness

Posted at 3:38 PM, May 25, 2020

From the government to nonprofits and individuals, there are so many people helping older adults dealing with isolation and loneliness right now.

However, the Radio Recliner may be one of the most unique projects out there. It's a pirate radio station run strictly by retirees.

“There’s one guy who used the music to talk about his favorite snacks he had in World War II and how he was able to get those,” said Mitch Bennett, Chief Creative Officer of Luckie, the brand behind Radio Recliner.

The show launched in April and only planned to go for about a month, but demand and response was so overwhelming that it's still going strong with no plans to end anytime soon.

“The thing that touches me the most is we ask each DJ to give some advice to others how should they stay positive through these times,” said Bennett.

“Try to look at the good things in your life and appreciate what you have and let’s listen to some gospel music,” said one DJ.

People can sign up to be a resident DJ or you can call and record requests and make dedications. The number is 855-863-0050. Click here to listen and learn more.