Provocative billboard of President Trump has people talking

Posted at 9:37 PM, Mar 17, 2017

A provocative billboard that just went up in downtown Phoenix featuring the President has a lot of people talking.

The billboard features President Donald Trump wearing a lapel pin of the Russian flag, mushroom clouds in the background and dollar signs rendered in the same style as swastikas.

A neighbor who did not provide his name was upset about the installation.

“I gotta wake up to Nazism for the next four years,” the man said.

“I've been here 35 years, this is the worst tagging stuff I've had in my neighborhood.”

Beatrice Moore owns the property under the billboard. Moore paid a California artist to create the sign.

Moore said the billboard is a form of standing up to the “disturbing policies” of the Trump administration.

She plans to keep the sign in place as long as Trump remains in office.

Another onlooker Friday night appreciated the billboard.

“It's fantastic,” Jeremy Bacpac said.

“I think [it does] what art's supposed to do: Make statements."

Billboards along state highways, including the avenue the Trump billboard is on, are state-regulated.

The billboard looks out over the "Art Detour" event set in downtown Phoenix this weekend, though the event's organizer said his organization was not responsible for it.