Protesters from Hawaii demand more action for clean water

Hawaii protesters in Washington, D.C. EPA drinking water
Posted at 11:17 PM, Sep 20, 2022

Families from Hawaii who were sickened by fuel-tainted drinking water during a water crisis last year in the island state went to Washington, D.C. to protest and demand that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) do more to protect water there.

Their message to the EPA: "Do your job," as demonstrators stood in the streets of Washington with big yellow letters demanding action.

The protesters gathered at Freedom Plaza and marched about a mile to the EPA's headquarters, Hawaii News Now reported.

Traffic was stopped briefly by the massive signs.

Chris Anton and her son were at the demonstration and said they were sickened in their Kapilina, Hawaii home by fuel-tainted water during what has been called the Navy's water crisis.

“My kids got sick and had to go to ER,” Anton said.

She said, “Itʻs emotional for a lot of people. Whenever we are in the moment, I remember how it feels. I remember how scary it is when your kid canʻt walk and you donʻt know whatʻs wrong.”