Truth or false? Claims made by Sanders, Trump

Posted at 10:17 PM, Apr 21, 2016

A rigged caucus in Colorado and does voter turnout really matter? Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are making those claims and Politifact is putting them to the test. 

"The system is rigged, it's crooked," Trump said on Fox and Friends.

Trump had pointed words for Colorado's caucus, a contest where Ted Cruz swept Trump of all of its delegates.

"This was a political hack deal," Trump added. 

It was also a caucus hampered by confusion and technical glitches says Politifact contributor Aaron Sharockman.

"You can argue that the rules in Colorado are unfair, undemocratic, hard to follow, hard to understand but going and saying it's rigged is too far," Sharockman said. 

And unproven, leading Politifact and the truth-o-meter to rate Trump's claim as: FALSE.

"We win when voter turnout is high, we lose when it is low," Sanders said at a rally. 

Sanders was trying to rally the troops in the days leading up to the New York primary with that statement.  Sanders made that claim after winning three contests that had the highest voter turnout, but does Sanders really lose when turnout is low?

"He's right that he's won some states with high voter turnouts but he's also won a lot of states with really low voter turnout," Sharockman said. 

Politifact rating Sanders' claim as: MOSTLY FALSE

All eyes will stay on the Northeast in the coming days as voters head to the polls there in five states. Most of the delegates are up grabs in Pennsylvania and Maryland.