Police searching for angry Zaxby's customer who threw 'under-seasoned' fries over the counter

Posted at 5:50 AM, Mar 16, 2017

Police are searching for a customer who was angry her food wasn't prepared correctly and threw her order at employees at a Zaxby's restaurant located outside of Atlanta. 

The irate customer at the Zaxby's on Tara Boulevard in Jonesboro, Georgia, tossed not one, but two take out containers filled with food over the counter towards employees and then damaged the computer monitor at the counter. 

Police say the woman paid for two orders, left the restaurant and then returned 30 seconds later with a man, arguing with the manager about the food. 

Det. Stefan Schindler, Clayton County Police: "The french fries did not have enough seasoning salt on them."

The woman then took her anger out on the food and the computer monitor and it was all captured on surveillance video. Now police are asking for the public's help finding her. She could face charges for the damage to the property.

Do you know her? Click here to contact the Clayton County Police Department