Police find lizard stuffed in drunk driver's bra; woman crashed into six mailboxes and a parked car

Amy Rebello-McCarthy charged with OUI
Posted at 9:42 AM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 02:29:04-04

Officers in Massachusetts arresting an alleged drunk driver were shocked to find her pet lizard stuffed in her bra.

Taunton Police say Amy Rebello-McCarthy went on a drunken joyride in her 1999 Mercedes on Monday afternoon.

A neighbor says the 39-year-old was going about 70 miles per hour when she hit a hill in the road and went airborne. The car knocked over six mailboxes, smashed the rear window of a parked car, before it ended up totaled in a homeowner's front yard.

"I heard this big bang, and it sounded like a car crash," said Alan Keith to WCVB-TV.

The Mercedes suffered extensive damage with all four tired blowing out and both bumpers ripping off.

One witness said McCarthy seemed very wobbly when she exited her car.

Police have an explanation for that. They gave McCarthy a field sobriety test. Her blood alcohol level tested just shy of double the legal driving limit.

One thing that did survive the crash was McCarthy's pet bearded dragon lizard. Officers found under her shirt.

Police say McCarthy is well-known to them. She has been charged with over 130 crimes in just Taunton in the past.

She is now facing three additional charges: operating under the influence, driving to endanger and marked lane violation.

Animal Control took possession of the lizard following McCarthy's arrest.