NFL notifies Broncos of 'potential' stolen Von Miller helmet after locating stolen Tom Brady jerseys

Posted at 1:19 PM, Mar 20, 2017

DENVER — The search for missing Super Bowl 51 memorabilia is over, but the case may have widened as the NFL confirmed a stash of gear has been located outside of the country. 

Some of that memorabilia includes a Broncos helmet, potentially from Super Bowl 50. The Broncos said in a statement it could "potentially" belong to Von Miller, the Super Bowl 50 MVP. 

“We have been in contact with NFL security regarding a Denver Broncos helmet that could potentially belong to Von Miller. As it is an ongoing investigation, we will defer all additional questions and inquiries to the NFL," the team said in a statement. 

Stolen items were located in the possession of a "credentialed member of the international media," according to the NFL following an intense investigation by Houston Police and the FBI.

Those items were returned to the NFL, which assigned personnel to the investigation.

"We are reviewing a Broncos' helmet that was retrieved as part of the on-going investigation," the NFL said in a statement. 

Houston Police said Monday they did not make the case a top priority, but commended officers who invested countless hours and developed sources who led them to a credential holder in Mexico. 

Investigation began immediately following Super Bowl 51, as Brady could not locate his jersey — which Police valued at $500,000 — after placing it inside his bag. 

Police in Houston only confirmed locating the Super Bowl 51 jersey, along with a second Tom Brady jersey stolen from Super Bowl 49. They would not confirm any other located items.

The FBI declined to comment to Denver7, citing an ongoing investigation. 

It's not yet known if the suspect is in custody or what charges that person may face.