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New tech uses behavioral biometrics to stop hackers

Posted at 4:07 PM, Mar 26, 2019

Many of us have likely had our username and passwords get stolen by hackers. But new technology is creating a road block between hackers and your personal information.

New technology studies the way people hold their phones and the way they type. These behavioral biometrics are saved, helping to protect users from hackers trying to pose as someone else online.

“Data breaches are happening every day. A lot of information is on the internet asking you for passwords,” says Robert Capps with NuData Security, the company behind the new technology.

Capps says if a hacker gets a hold of someone’s username and password, they would run into roadblocks because they're behavioral ways they input information are different. Some of those roadblocks include questions, asking for the user’s personal information like Social Security Number, a pet’s name or mother’s maiden name.

“Just be assured that if you're banking with the larger banks, you're doing business with the larger commerce provider, health insurance companies, social media networks, they're all starting to adopt technology like this,” Capps says. “To identify you to make sure you're the one accessing your account.”