New Mexico dog found in Nebraska two years later

Posted at 8:48 PM, Mar 15, 2017

If dogs could talk, Tantrum might have a lot to say. 

Nebraska Humane Society Animal Control picked up a stray lab/pitbull mix in Omaha on February 26. The dog had some puncture wounds on her neck and head. NHS says they likely came from bites from another animal. 

The organization scanned the pooch's microchip which connected them to an owner in New Mexico. Turns out, the 10-year-old dog name Tantrum had been missing for two years. 

According to NHS, her owner could not believe his dog was in Nebraska. 

Tantrum needed stitches for her cuts, but her stitches came out this week and after some rest and rehabilitation, she's been cleared to fly. She'll head home on Friday, March. 17. 

The Nebraska Humane Society says this is a reminder of the importance of microchips.