National Safety Council releases opioid toolkit for employers

Posted at 6:27 AM, Sep 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-19 09:12:59-04

The impact of the opioid crisis is being felt in the workplace.

The National Safety Council says opioid misuse is impacting three-quarters of employers in some way.

However only 17% feel prepared to address it.

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Today, the Safety Council rolled out tools for companies to address substance abuse.

The guide helps with safety issues, having difficult conversations and getting employees help without losing their job.

"Our research shows that employees that are assisted by their employer or the employer is the place they come to actually acknowledge they have an issue and need help are actually more successful in navigating thru recovery than if it had been a family member or a friend," said Lorraine Martin, National Safety Council president.

Nationwide Insurance helped put this employer opioid tool kit together.

It's had an employee substance abuse recovery program, and nearly all of Nationwide's employees found to be impaired at work agree to go through the testing and rehab program. They say it has around a 60% success rate.

"Your associates or employees are your most valuable asset so to give them a second chance and to have them stay employed and be able to come back and be productive vs. where they are going if they are terminated it makes good business sense to have a second chance policy and give people a chance to be back and be loyal and productive," said Kathleen Herath with Nationwide Wellbeing and Safety.

You can download the toolkit on the National Safety Council's website, by clicking here.