National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Take the PLEDGE

Posted at 6:33 AM, Oct 01, 2014

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To support your friends and family battling this disease and protect your own health, follow the PLEDGE.

PREVENTION:  Ask my doctor what steps I can take that could reduce my risk of breast cancer.

LEARNING: Arm myself with knowledge about my own risks.

EXAMINATION: With my doctor, find out when I should get screened for breast cancer, and how often.

DENSITY: Have a conversation with my doctor to see if I have “dense” breasts, and which screening approach is right for me.

GENETICS: Discuss with my doctor my family history – both mom’s and dad’s side – of breast cancer, to see what it might mean for my level of risk.

EDUCATE: Once I’ve put these steps into action, “pay it forward” by encouraging friends and family to do it as well.

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