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Missouri lawmaker proposes bill that would require residents to own an AR-15 rifle

Posted at 4:32 PM, Mar 16, 2019

A proposed bill introduced by Missouri Rep. Andrew McDaniel would require all Missouri state residents to own an AR-15 rifle.

House Bill 1108, or the McDaniel Militia Act, proposes that every resident of the state of Missouri "shall own at least one AR-15 rifle."

A resident, the language in the proposed bill states, is someone who is "18 years of age or older and under 35 years of age" who is not prohibited by law from possessing a fire arm.

"Any person who qualifies as a resident on August 28, 2019, and who does not own an AR-15 shall have one year to purchase an AR-15. Any resident qualifies as a resident after August 28, 2019, and does not own an AR-15 shall purchase an AR-15 no later than one year after qualifying as a resident," language in the bill states.

The proposed bill does not state if there will be any repercussions for residents who do not purchase an AR-15.

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