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Missouri AG files consumer suit against duck boat company

Posted at 4:32 PM, Aug 31, 2018

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Ripley Entertainment Inc., the company operating the duck boat that sank on Table Rock Lake last month, killing 17 people, is facing a suit from Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley.

Hawley’s office filed the case Friday in Taney County District court.

The case alleges violations of Missouri statutes offering consumer protection.

In a press release announcing the case, Hawley said the tragedy should never have happened.

“My hope is that this lawsuit will ensure that unsafe duck boats and companies who put profits ahead of safety will not continue to operate. Consumers have a reasonable expectation of safety and that was not met on July 19,” Hawley said.

The suit is one of several cases working its way through the court system.

Earlier this month, attorneys representing some of the family members killed in the incident filed a $100 million civil suit against the duck boat operator.

In addition to the civil lawsuit, the AG’s office is still reviewing the case for any criminal charges.

After receiving the case from the Coast Guard, federal prosecutors are also reviewing the case for possible criminal charges.