Officiant throws up during couple's wedding vows, video goes viral

Bride pauses for moment, keeps going
Posted at 5:23 PM, May 06, 2017

This is one wedding video that will likely never be forgotten.

A couple was saying their vows when the officiant suddenly got sick, throwing up on the altar.

Video of the unfortunate moment has gone viral.

The short clip shows the unidentified bride delivering her personalized vows when the officiant looks visibly ill before turning around and vomiting, nearly missing the groom.

"I promise to be your biggest advocate and your best friend," the bride says moments before it happens.

"I commit to sharing with you in seasons of abundance," she says as the officiant throws up. But the bride barely misses a beat, glancing at the woman as she gets sick before finishing her line, " ... and in seasons of scarcity."

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