Mini Kim found dead in Las Vegas apartment

Posted at 8:39 AM, Mar 21, 2016
Kimberly Tripp, a Las Vegas performer known as Mini Kim Kardashian, was found dead on her apartment porch late Sunday, according to TMZ
The body was discovered by Ricky Sells Jr., Tripp's boyfriend and co-star who plays Mini Kanye West at Beacher's Madhouse.
The cause of death has not been confirmed. Jeff Beacher, the theater's founder, reported that Tripp appeared to be in good health on Saturday. She was 32 years old.
Tripp was a founding member of Beacher's Madhouse in 2005, and performed in a variety of roles, including Mini Fergie, Mini Bon Jovi, and as a member of the Mini Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC.
"Today is a sad day," Jeff Beacher told Us Weekly. He called Tripp the theater's "shining star," and sends his condolences to Tripp's family