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Maryland officers save 9 ducklings trapped in drain grate

Posted at 8:52 PM, Apr 11, 2018

Just some lucky ducks.

After a call from a man who saw a momma duck quaking for help near a street drain grate, Charles County officers came to the rescue.

It appeared that the momma duck was hysterically quacking because all nine of her baby ducks had fallen into the drain and could not get out.

That's when Charles County Officer Mohler opened the gate on one side while Officer Coulby guarded the other side to save the ducklings. They were able to get five of the baby ducks out of the hole but struggled to get the others.

A good Samaritan named Chad Marshell intervened and saved the day as he crawled 200 feet in the hole to guide the other baby ducks toward Mohler.

All of the nine ducklings were reunited with their momma duck.