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Manicurist accuses Steve Wynn of inappropriate behavior in 2015

Wynn confronts salon employees after first story
Manicurist accuses Steve Wynn of inappropriate behavior in 2015
Posted at 8:02 PM, Mar 06, 2018

A new complaint has been filed against casino owner Steve Wynn.

The complaint was filed by a woman identified only as "Jane Doe." According to the complaint, the woman was an employee for The Claude Baruk Salon in 2015 when she began giving manicures and pedicures to Wynn.

She says that Wynn would require her to position herself in certain ways during the services that would put her in direct contact with body parts other than his hands or feet. When she would attempt to withdraw, he would become irritated.

According to the complaint, Jane Doe went to Claude Baruk and other members of management. She says that Baruk ignored her complaints but she was told by other members of management that it would stop.

Jane Doe says she also shared what happened with her coworkers and heard similar stories. The woman says that she feared that she would lose her job if she kept complaining.

After the story broke in the Washington Post, the woman says that Wynn visited the salon twice to speak with salon employees.

The first time was on Jan. 27. Wynn reportedly requested the employees to be gathered and then asked them to raise their hands if they felt he had ever assaulted them.

The second time was on Feb. 1 during a birthday party for a salon employee. Jane Doe says Wynn brought a video crew with him that time and demanded that employees give video statements saying he did nothing wrong.

The complaint also says that Wynn is still receiving manicures and pedicures in the salon or in his on-site villa.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday with the Clark County District Court. Two lawsuits were filed last week by massage therapists who also accused Wynn of inappropriate conduct.

Wynn resigned as CEO of Wynn Resorts last month. He is denying all allegations but said that he did not believe he could be an effective company leader.

He also resigned as chairman for the Republican National Committee.