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Man mails 15 live chicks to ex-girlfriend

Posted at 7:15 PM, Nov 11, 2014

That sure beats egging her car.

A man still reeling from a breakup mailed 15 baby chicks to his ex-girlfriend in Washington, DC, The Washington Post reports.

Inside the package was a note telling her that there are “lots of other chicks out there.”

The chickens were one-day old when mailed. The postal worker delivered the chicks to the Washington Humane society. All hands on board survived.

“One of the chicks has an injured leg, but is recovering. The rest are very active and healthy,” The Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, in Poolesville, Maryland wrote on its Facebook Page. The sanctuary is now caring for the chicks.

Mailing chicks is legal, the animal sanctuary wrote. But probably not a great idea.

UPDATE: Two chicks have died.

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