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Man finds fingernail in his Culver's butterburger in Arizona

Posted at 12:47 AM, May 26, 2018

An Arizona man says he discovered something disgusting in his Culver's butter burger, and now he wants answers.

Najib Anek says he bit into a fake fingernail that fell off the finger of an employee who made his food at the Culver's in Peoria. 

"It was inside the sandwich halfway through," Anek said. "It was crunchy man. I threw up three times."

Anek said he complained to management, and they apologized.

He also said the store's management watched the surveillance video and saw the female employee making his burger without gloves and missing a fingernail.

Maricopa County food inspection records show the Culver's location has all "A" ratings going back to 2015. Now, that could change. 

"Yes, I called the health department, and I have a complaint number," Anek said. 

The Culver's manager said their insurance is looking into the situation and the offending employee is on leave.