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Man eats $1,510 worth of Olive Garden for $100

Posted at 2:46 PM, Nov 04, 2014

When Olive Garden launched its Never Ending Pasta Pass in September, one North Carolina man was ready to dig in.

Alan Martin, of Burlington, purchased the pass for $100 and has since received $1,510 worth of food, according to his kept receipts, FOX 8 WGHP reports.

Martin has used his pass on 95 meals throughout the past six weeks, and he aims to continue his plan of eating Olive Garden twice every day until the pass expires Nov. 9. 

He reported to Fox 8 that he's had no ill health effects, but might want a "cheeseburger or pizza" in a week's time.

The Never Ending Pasta Pass was made available to 1,000 people, and is valid for all the pasta, salad, bread and Coca-Cola products the purchaser can consume within the seven-week period.

Click here for a video of the mild-mannered Martin enjoying and discussing his bounty at a local Olive Garden.