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Man attacks student at high school in Indianapolis, injures two teachers

Posted at 11:19 PM, Aug 27, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- Two teachers and a student at Decatur Central High School spent some time in the hospital on Monday after a man got into the school and tried to attack a student

A district spokesperson says anyone entering Decatur Central High School has to be buzzed through a locked door by an employee inside.  

Tyrese Little, 18, was buzzed into the school along with family members who had students who attend the high school. The school spokesperson said he was in the main office of the building when he saw a student with whom he had a problem and went into the hall to confront him.

“I saw the wrestling coach try to stop him and he couldn’t really stop him and at that point, most of the teachers in that hallway had detained this person and got a hold of him and they had him in handcuffs,” student Jayson Wagner said. “The wrestling coach is a pretty big guy, and he couldn’t even stop him.”

A 16-year-old student and two teachers were injured and taken to the hospital to be treated.

The school was never placed on lockdown and Little did not have any weapons on him at the time of his arrest. The school spokesman says a school resource officer was nearby to help take little down.

Little is charged with battery resulting in bodily injury and battery against a public safety official.