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Lawmaker catches COVID-19, misses his anti-vaccine rally

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Posted at 7:29 PM, Nov 08, 2021

BISMARCK, N.D.— A North Dakota lawmaker, who was also an organizer of a rally to oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates, is infected with the coronavirus and could not attend Monday's event.

Republican Rep. Jeff Hoverson says he is “quarantining."

He told The Associated Press Monday that he is taking the deworming drug ivermectin and has not checked into a hospital.

He says the virus is “like a really bad flu.”

Hoverson is a pastor and one of the most conservative members of the legislature.

In a post on Facebook, Hoverson said ambulances should be given "kits" that include ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and vitamins to treat patients with COVID-19.

"We should be about keeping people out of the hospital," he said.

None of the so-called treatments Hoverson is advocating for have been proven effective in fighting COVID-19.