Lab tests found less than 1% soy protein in Subway chicken

Posted at 5:45 PM, Mar 02, 2017

After allegations that it's chicken contained less than 50 percent chicken DNA, Subway sent those samples to two independent labs. 

Earlier this week, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) revealed some chicken products from the sandwich chain contained less than 50 percent chicken DNA. According to the CBC, researchers at Trent University sampled both the oven roasted chicken filets and the chicken strips the restaurant uses on its sandwiches. 

The results showed that the filets contained just 53.6 percent chicken DNA. The DNA were found to contain 42.8 percent chicken DNA.

After the results were broadcast, Subway representatives contacted the program and the lab that conducted the results requesting their methodology and testing process.

"The program and the lab declined to engage with Subway except to share the results," according a statement from the restaurant.

In response, "Subway sent samples of the Canadian products that Marketplace claimed contained less than 50% soy protein to Maxxam Analytics in Canada and Elisa Technologies, Inc. in Florida. 

The lab results found soy protein below 10 ppm or less than 1 percent in all tested samples. 

According to the company, "these findings are consistent with the low levels of soy protein that we add with the spices and marinade to help keep the products moist and flavorful."

"The stunningly flawed test by Marketplace is a tremendous disservice to our customers. The safety, quality and integrity of our food is the foundation of our business. That's why we took extra caution to test and retest the chicken. Our customers can have confidence in our food. The allegation that our chicken is only 50% chicken is 100% wrong," said SUBWAY President and CEO Suzanne Greco. 

Subway has shared the results of the independent tests with CBC and the lab that conducted the test. Subway is demanding a retraction and an apology.