Jordanian airline pokes fun at Trump's travel ban troubles

Posted at 10:16 PM, Feb 05, 2017
(CNN) -- President Donald Trump's ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries may be mired in legal limbo stateside, but one air carrier overseas is trying to focus on the bright side.
Royal Jordanian Airlines is hoping to entice travelers to get on board while the ban is on pause, tweeting a lighthearted swipe at Trump's legal troubles.
"Fly to the US with RJ now that you're allowed to," the Royal Jordanian ad reads, along with a heading that's been doctored to change "Ban" to "Bon Voyage!"
The ad also appears to show the airline slashing its fares while the travel ban is on hiatus.
Royal Jordanian on Saturday announced it would again be flying visa- and green-card-carrying nationals from travel-banned countries, based on updated guidance from US immigration officials after the ban was blocked temporarily in court.
This isn't the first time the airline has had some fun with Trump in the name of marketing.
In November, a Royal Jordanian tweet on US Election Day featured a thinly veiled reference to the then-Republican nominee -- and garnered thousands of retweets and likes.
"Just in case he wins. ... Travel to the US while you're still allowed to!" Royal Jordanian tweeted, alluding to Trump's campaign hints about banning Muslims from coming to the United States.
Clever ads aside, Royal Jordanian has played a role in the Middle East's ongoing refugee crises. The United Nations' migration agency has previously contracted the carrier to help bring migrant workers trapped in Syria back to their home countries.
Royal Jordanian also operates out of a country that's ground zero for the region's refugee crisis. As a stable nation amid turbulent neighbors, Jordan has for years been a sanctuary for those fleeing violence. Jordan joins Lebanon and Turkey in hosting millions of Syrian refugees, and Amman and other Jordanian cities have become home to more than a million Iraqis over roughly the last decade.
CNN reached out to Royal Jordanian Airlines for comment on their ad but has not yet received a response.
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