Jeopardy champ uses large wagers to win

Posted at 9:23 PM, Mar 16, 2016

Philip Tiu is grabbing attention with his unusually large wagers during rounds of the hit TV game show “Jeopardy.” During Tuesday’s game, he made the largest Daily Double wager in the game’s history by wagering $19,000.

The following night, he wagered $11,000 during the Daily Double. Luckily for Tiu, he answered both questions correctly.

His winning wager on Tuesday came at the last second as he was running out of time. It appears he was guessing that Vancouver was the Southwestern Canada city, which is the country’s busiest port and is 15 miles from the American border.

Tiu won Tuesday’s game with $49,900 in winnings. He followed up Tuesday’s win with a successful $11,000 wager en route to winnings of $25,500. His three-day cash winnings total $96,598.

Tiu is a mathematics professor at Oglethorpe University in Georgia.

Tiu has gained a following on social media.