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If you're using a dating app to find a partner on Valentine's Day, be wary of scammers, BBB says

Posted at 12:08 PM, Feb 11, 2019

The Better Business Bureau says Valentine's Day is a key time for con artists to get on dating apps looking to steal money.

With online dating rising in popularity, technology has made it easy to meet new people and find dates, but the BBB warns that it has also made the work for scammers simpler.

One common dating scam consists of someone claiming to be in the military or working overseas to explain why they can’t meet you in person. Over a short period of time, the scammer builds a fake relationship with you, exchanging photos and romantic messages, even talking on the phone or through a webcam.

The BBB warns, just when the relationship seems to be getting serious, your new sweetheart has a health issue or family emergency, or wants to plan a visit. No matter the story, the request is the same: they need money. But after you send money, there’s another request and then another. Or the scammer stops communicating altogether.

Here's some signs to watch out for after you swipe right:

  • They tell you they love you quickly
  • They find excuses to avoid meeting, such as living overseas
  • They want to talk to you outside of the dating app
  • The scammer may have a sob story to ask for money

The BBB suggests not to list too much personal information on your online profile, such as contact info. Also consider googling your match's name or pictures.