One of the nation's top college football recruits doesn't actually exist

Posted at 7:38 PM, May 25, 2017

With social media, anything is possible -- even fooling college football teams, and ESPN.

Meet Unique Brissett II. Oh, you haven't heard of him?

According to his Twitterand Instagram pages, he's a top junior college football recruit that has every power five conference school after him. He lists Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Penn State and more.

The only problem? None of those schools have ever heard of him.

You see, Unique made up the entire story. He stole recruiting pictures, a recruiting highlight video -- and even made up a story about him landing on ESPN.

Brissett claimed to go to Globe Institute of Technology, a junior-college school in Manhattan that did have a football program -- until it closed down. 

Brissett's ruse wasn't discovered until a sportswriter noticed a suspicious tweet in which he was caught stealing a real recruit's photos. 

So, why did he do it? Brissett says he and his brother just thought, "Why not?" He says he probably would have stopped if he wouldn't have gotten so much social media attention!

And just like that, a great career ends before it even gets started.