Grooving at City Hall: Watch this woman perform a dance routine at a city council meeting

Posted at 10:31 AM, Mar 09, 2017

A woman in Portland, Maine performed an interpretive dance routine in the city council meeting as part of the Mayor's "Arts in the Chamber" series.

Residents and council members at the meeting were treated to an eccentric performance by artist Sara Juli Monday night. (We added music to make it even more fun)




She bounded about doing somersaults and flailing around until she eventually jumped onto Robert Bartels' lap. Bartels, a new appointee to the Zoning Board of Appeals, then watched as Juli pretended to vomit on his lap.

She was performing an interpretive routine called 'Shadow Artist.' She ended the performance after repeating the phrase "I'm so sorry." Juli received a round of applause.

Who ever said city council meetings were boring?



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