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Shutdown still fresh in mind as another possible shutdown looms

Posted at 3:01 PM, Feb 08, 2019

During the government shutdown last month, we heard heartbreaking stories from federal workers, who were trying to make ends meet without their paychecks.

Some of those workers were parents, who were worried about taking care of their children. Some workers were so desperate, they pawned off some of their sentimental valuables.

With stories like these still fresh, congressional negotiators are expected to work into the weekend on a bipartisan border security plan. Leaders in both parties have expressed hope a deal can be reached and finalized by next week.

"If the president stays out of it, we will get a deal, a good deal that every step that Democrats and Republicans, House and Senate can support,” says Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer.

“We should get this done legislatively, and I’m looking forward to making that happen,” says Republican House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

If both sides reach an agreement, the big question mark will be whether President Donald Trump will sign on.

Friday, Trump’s campaign sent out an email to supporters asking them if the president should declare a national emergency to build the wall.