Giraffe wears shoe to help ease arthritis - and makes quite a fashion statement

Posted at 12:31 PM, Jul 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-06 12:31:17-04

Visitors to the Sacramento Zoo have begun to notice the bold blue fashion statement sported by one of the giraffes.

Goody, one of the zoo's reticulated giraffes, suffers from chronic joint abnormalities that contributes to her arthritis, according to the Zoo's blog.

To help relieve the 1,500 pound, 14-foot tall, giraffe's discomfort, zookeepers have outfitted her with a custom-made shoe that has recently been gaining a lot of attention from zoo-goers.

The boot, both stylish and comfortable, comes with a metal plate and custom insole that helps to align her joints and correct the rotation of her foot, the Zoo stated.

“Goody also continues to receive laser therapy, acupuncture, pulse electromagnetic therapy mat time, icing, medications and topical pain relief patches,” according to the zoo.

Goody's new shoe has also encouraged her to go outside more and socialize.

“Goody has been opting to stay outside with the herd more instead of going into the barn every day for a long nap," the Zoo wrote in a blog post, "Sitting less often shows us she is feeling more comfortable, she is also choosing to socialize with her friends, and she is getting more exercise.”

Goody's fashion statement has also been fully accepted by her friends, the zoo stated.

“None of the other giraffes have demonstrated any unusual behavior towards the shoe, wraps, or slippers that Goody wears- she is readily accepted by the herd with her personal fashion statement. When Goody is done napping or being treated she returns to the herd and fits right back in with her family!"