Friend of Vegas shooter calls him a caring person who sought to 'make people happy'

Posted at 10:14 AM, Oct 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-09 10:16:12-04


The man accused of carrying out last week's deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas was a caring person who tried his best to "make people happy," a friend and longtime employee of Stephen Paddock told ABC News’ “Good Morning America” today.

“He actually cared about everybody,” Lisa Crawford, who worked for Paddock managing an apartment he owned from 2006 to 2012, said.

“He tried to make people happy; he tried to make people care and I don't know what happened to him,” the Dallas woman said as she fought to hold back her tears.

She said the 64-year-old accountant who apparently killed himself after the massacre was a close friend, describing him as a humorous person who was generous with his tenants.

She said she found it hard to believe that he could be capable of carrying out the Oct. 1 mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, which left 59 dead, including Paddock, and at least 480 others injured.

She said she last spoke with him via email a few weeks ago when he checked on her to make sure she was OK during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Crawford also shared images of her posing as a grinning Paddock embraced her warmly.

“I have read them over and over and over again,” Crawford said of her email conversations with Paddock. “I've even looked at some photos online of, I guess, him and his girlfriend; you know I was even trying to look into his eyes to see if I saw something that wasn't normal, you know. No, I didn't see anything.”

Crawford said she has spoken with FBI agents and police officers about their friendship as authorities work to figure out a possible motive in the deadly attack.

“I want closure for these people,” Crawford said today. “I can't believe that the person that I knew would even consider hurting somebody. I want so bad to have answers for people. I want to solve this. I want us to do whatever I can to tell the authorities to look here, look there.”

The Las Vegas Police Department said authorities responded to a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, where Paddock was found dead. Authorities said they believe Paddock killed himself prior to police entry.

Police, according to multiple law enforcement officials, still have found no definitive evidence to prove Paddock had an accomplice, and have not nailed down a definitive motive.

Crawford said she had an emotional breakdown after the massacre, adding that she feels “guilty” for having known Paddock.

“I have cried for those people, so many times I almost feel like I'm out of tears sometimes,” she said. “It could have been my mom, my children.”