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Florida radio station holds a 'Win a Baby' contest

Posted at 11:01 PM, Nov 16, 2017

A Fort Myers, Florida radio station is giving away a once in a lifetime sweepstakes.

B1039 has opened up a 'Win a Baby Contest' in which the lucky winner gets a round of in vitro fertilization treatment, along with the required meds.

"It is a large ticket to write a check for," said Big Mama, the host of B1039's 'Big Mama and the Wild Bunch'. "We're giving you the opportunity to not have to worry about that check," he added.

Big Mama and his wife, Sara, have been trying for years to add to their family.

"My wife and I started going through IVF," said Big Mama. "We were struggling to have a baby," he added.

They found their answer with IVF treatment. That's what gave them the idea for the giveaway.

"I know the struggle so I know it was going to change someone's life," said Sara Jones, Big Mama's wife.

B1039 partnering with IVFMD in Naples and S.M.P. pharmacies in order to make this milestone sweepstakes happen.

"It's only been done in Canada, never been done in America," said Big Mama. "This isn't just the biggest giveaway I've done at B1039, this is the biggest giveaway I've done in 20 years of radio," he added.

Applicants just have to submit a video that tells their story.

"Whoever wins this is going to be someone with a heart felt story going through that struggle," said Big Mama. "It's not just going to be like caller 18 and you randomly won tickets to go see Taylor Swift," he added.

The popular radio hosts wants to encourage people to encourage their friends who might be going through something similar.

"I know somebody that I work with that's revealed to me their struggle, call them right now and tell them to do a video," said Big Mama.

The 'Win a Baby' contest ends 11:59pm on November 24th.