Fla. toddler dies after being tangled in blinds

Fla. toddler dies after being tangled in blinds
Posted at 3:29 AM, May 27, 2016
Authorities in Oakland Park, Florida, say a toddler was killed when her neck got tangled in the cords of vertical blinds in her parents' room.
The two-year-old girl, identified as Mary Molina, was found unconscious Wednesday when crews arrived at the home.
Jenna Holland, the child’s mother, left her napping on her bed and stepped out of the room with another child, authorities said.
It wasn’t long before Holland returned and she found her daughter unresponsive and tangled in the "loop-style" cords of the vertical blinds near the bed, the Sun Sentinel reports.
Detectives believe that when her mother was away, the girl got up to play with the blinds and the tragic incident occurred.
Apparently, this type of incident isn’t uncommon.
United States Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesman Scott Wolfson said a child dies nearly once a month nationwide after strangulation in the cords of blinds.
Authorities say this latest incident does not appear suspicious.