Father falls asleep under sick son's crib at the hospital in heartwarming photo

Posted at 12:36 PM, Jul 07, 2016

A photo of a dedicated father sleeping underneath his sick son's hospital crib has gone viral, pulling at heartstrings and gaining more than 3,500 reactions on Facebook.

Amy Palmer snapped the photo of her husband and son on Tuesday morning after the toddler's asthma attack landed him in the hospital.

Palmer told ABC News today that her husband, Andre, had worked the graveyard shift the night before from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. and then had come to the hospital to be with their son, Andre Jesse (A.J.).

"The room was so small the only thing that fit was the chair bed and the crib. He came in when he got off work early in the morning, and I was still half asleep. That's why he laid there," Palmer explained in a comment on her Facebook post, "I had to take a picture because to many, all they see is a man lying on the floor. To me I saw a man who worked all night, who could have went home to go to sleep (I wouldn't have minded knowing he worked all night), who could have asked me to get up so he could lay down. All this shows the amazing husband and father he is!!!"

She added that she didn't let him sleep there for long and let him rest on the chair bed.

Palmer told ABC News today that her husband is "very sweet and caring."

"He does everything he can for our family. You just take it for granted, and then something like this happens and you see how much it touches so many people," Palmer said.

Palmer told ABC News that her son has recovered, and the whole family is now out of the hospital and back at home.