Family devastated by death of man killed by rock thrown from Michigan overpass

Posted at 9:53 PM, Oct 19, 2017

A family is searching for answers as police search for the person responsible for killing 32-year-old Kenneth White.

Police say someone threw a rock from an overpass into oncoming traffic. It crashed through the windshield of a vehicle White was traveling in.

White’s family says they simply cannot believe this happened. His younger brother told me, while they plan his funeral, they’re hoping whoever did this is caught.

“Put the doctor on the phone and said we did everything… we did everything we could for him and he died,” says Donald White, Kenneth White’s uncle. “You’re playing Russian roulette with people’s lives.”

The family is at a loss for words tonight after police say someone hurled debris from an overpass on I-75 in Mt. Morris, Michigan, hitting the car carrying White - killing him.

“I still can’t figure out what goes through someone’s head to want to just throw stuff off of a bridge with oncoming traffic,” Thomas White says.

Thomas says his older brother was only 10 minutes away from getting home from a two-hour drive to work in Au Gres. Thomas says his brother was his world.  

“He’s the best person I knew,” Thomas says. “He was the best person I knew.”

Kenneth’s father and his uncle Donald flew into flint from Florida as soon as they heard Kenneth had died.

Kenneth’s father was too emotional to speak. Donald says his nephew was driving with a coworker, who called the family right after the freak accident.

“And he called my brother on the side of the road and said I am so sorry, I did everything I could, I couldn’t stop him from bleeding,” Donald says.

The family says while they plan Kenneth’s funeral, they’re hoping police find whoever did this.

“Whoever you are, just know that you’ll be caught,” White says.

O’Guinn Funeral Home has stepped up and offered the family a funeral at no charge.

Meanwhile, Thomas says his brother Kenneth worked long hours to support his family. They’ve now set up a GoFundMe page to help support them.